hich Shifter Hero is your true love?

Tip: the game will be much easier to play if you refer to the Cast (List of Characters).

1. Your Shifter Hero has eyes this color:

  Pale Icy Blue

  Rich Brown

  Amber gold/brown

  Dark blue


2. Your Shifter Hero has hair like this:

  Short brown hair

  Long black hair in a braid

  Shoulder-length brown hair with red and gold highlights

  Shoulder-length black hair


3. Your Shifter Hero speaks to you:

  Like a cowboy from Idaho

  With an Alaskan accent

  With a Brazilian accent

  With a Thai accent


4. Your Shifter Hero would live in:

  a South-East Asian jungle village

  an Alaskan hunting cabin

  a log cabin in Wyoming

  the Amazon


5. Your Shifter Hero wears:

  a sexy loincloth

  khaki pants and polo shirt

  a hot pink thong for dancing the samba

  blue jeans and cowboy shirt


6. Your Shifter Hero has fur like this:

  thick and brown

  yellow and black stripes

  solid black

  brown with red highlights


7. Your Shifter Hero:

  earned a Master’s Degree in Anthropology

  earned a degree in Animal Psychology

  played professional football for the Chicago Bears

  roamed the jungles of Southeast Asia


8. Your Shifter Hero likes to eat:

  Chicken and rice

  Donuts and bear claws

  Elk and deer