Which Vamp Hero is your true love?

Tip: the game will be much easier to play if you refer to the Cast (List of Characters).

1. Your Vamp Hero has eyes this color:

  Bright Blue

  Smoky Blue

  Turquoise Blue

  Bright Green

  Grayish Green

  Golden Brown


2. Your Vamp Hero has hair like this:

  Black and straight

  Black and curly

  Black and wavy


  Golden red

  Dark red


3. Your Vamp Hero speaks to you with a:

  American accent

  Scottish accent that makes you do a jig

  Thick Scottish accent

  Wee Scottish accent

  French accent

  Eastern European accent


4. You and your Vamp Hero would live in a:

  Castle in Scotland

  Manor House in Scotland

  Condo in NYC

  Mansion in White Plains, NY

  Lavish underground lair in Texas

  An unknown, secret location


5. Your Vamp Hero wears:

  A tuxedo

  A lab coat

  Bright Red and green plaid kilt

  Dark Red and green plaid kilt

  Blue and green plaid kilt

  Expensive suit


6. Your Vamp hero is a:


  Army General




  Fashion Designer


7. When it comes to women, your Vamp Hero is:

  Willing, but unlucky in love

  Likely to back off because of a tragic past

  Likely to back off because of a serious threat

  A charming ladies’ man who needs to settle down

  Inexperienced except for vampire sex

  Fiercely protective and passionate


8. Your Vamp Hero was sired by:

  Casimir in 1491

  Roman in 1513 in France

  Roman in 1513 in Scotland

  Roman in 1542

  Angus in 1542

  Roman in 1993


9. When your Vamp Hero was transformed, he was:

  A teenager

  A married man with children

  A college student

  A monk

  A lone warrior

  A knight